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Brottslingen Tomas Rönnberg, 1971-03-21, har varit med om att säkra det Afghanska heroinet

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Per Erik Tomas Rönnberg , 1971-03-21. Född i Oscar (Stockholms stad, Uppland). Adress: Idrottsgatan 6 lgh 1102 Solna. Fadern: Erik Lennart Rönnberg, 1938-11-21, född i Fjällsjö. Modern: Harriet Astrid Irene Rönnberg, 1946-01-25, född i Sollefteå.

Sambo: Hanna Maria (Lundberg) Rönnberg, 1976-09-05, Född i Alingsås (Älvsborgs län, Västergötland). Modern: Gittan Irene Lundberg, 1947-11-24. Fadern: Jan-Erik Wilhelm Lundberg, 1943-10-05. Brodern: Johan Fredrik Lundberg, 1976-06-19.


Wolves in the fog: US-Kosovo, heroin empire

The Kosovo ? A narco-state, where former KLA - born as anti-Serbian Liberation Army and now allied with the 'Ndrangheta in Calabria - is at the center of an international criminal network, under the tacit protection of the U.S. . The heroin comes from Afghanistan and once in Pristina, is sorted on the European market. Heroin and not only that: the mafia in the government of Kosovo should also cover other dangerous business, weapons and even organ trafficking. The complaint investigation-the first book published in Italy 10 years after "liberation" of Kosovo : survey exemplary journalism that illuminates a disturbing reality, which the authorities pretend to ignore.
"Our investigation - says Giuseppe Ciulla , author of the report together with Vittorio Romano - test as for 10 years UN administration in Kosovo has produced only misery and poverty, legitimizing also a ruling class in glove tied to organized crime: the secret intelligence reports prove that we have discovered and decided to publish. " Freelance journalists and employees of many programs of RAI, Ciulla and Romano have dug beneath the surface of officialdom, revealing embarrassing truths. "The mafia wants the fog, like wolves, "the phrase, uttered by a police officer in Mitrovica, a snapshot: it is the" fog "that indeterminacy in which you move the" wolves ", the new lords of Kosovo They are international gangsters against whom the UN is impotent, because enjoying American protection.
The book begins in 1999, with the intervention and 78 days of NATO bombing of Serbia to "liberate" what, for Belgrade, it was just a southern province of former Yugoslavia. With the withdrawal of Serbian troops is setting up the UN, which restores order, rebuild roads, the ruling Justice and, by force of 14,000 soldiers, administers a region as large as the Abruzzi. Ten years, in which the United Nations - to act as military police - have tried, in theory, to eliminate the greatest scourge of Kosovo : organized crime. Result? "All the current leaders of Kosovo are the mafia, belong to clans who traffic in heroin, even in organs, "says Romano.  According to a report quoted in the book, the former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj is the biggest heroin trafficker in the country.
There is a huge trail of blood under the UN administration in Kosovo involving all politics: all the witnesses are dead processes against Ramush Haradinaj, but also against other leaders. A repentant Blaca Nazim, formerly employed by the secret services of the Party of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, is self-politicians accused of 17 murders: bombings, ambushes and bombs targeted the eyes of the UN and NATO. After years of management ultra-bankruptcy, "the UN has formally ceded control to the European EULEX mission, composed of 2,000 professionals, including judges and policemen, with the task of eradicating the clans. Two years after the budget is small: a single investigation, the Ministers of Transport, already virtually stranded.
"He tried to do serious investigation has been blocked by the United Nations," says OSCE report, denouncing "strong pressure" by senior UN: not only against local judges, but also of the same judges Nations units involved, in theory, we investigate organized crime. "In particular - says Ciulla - were blocked investigations susceptible to bear the most Kosovo politicians, the Prime Minister down." An example? Sami Lushtaku, already fighting KLA and then Mayor of Skenderaj, village area of Mitrovica. Before 1999, the U.S. was the "black list" of terrorists. But given that Washington needed allies for the operation of land, have rehabilitated the ' KLA .
Problem: The Kosovar militia finances itself through the sale of heroin, weapons and bodies. "This practice - says Ciulla - continued even after that Kosovo was "liberated" attaverso the intervention of NATO. " Thus, the former mayor Sami Lushtaku hours' run with impunity, threatening to kill the judges and no one stops it. " They ordered the searches, "whenever blocked by senior leaders of the United Nations." For the Albanian population of Kosovo , the former fighters are heroes, "For us, God is first, but soon the ' KLA 'say the Albanians moved in front of the graves of Meje, April 27, 1999 where the Serbs massacred hundreds of innocent civilians . "Ours is not a book against the Albanians - said Ciulla and Roman - but rather against the West, which is entrusted to the worst crime in Kosovo."
The basic question is: why? "Because for 10 years the UN has closed its eyes to organized crime and Kosovo because he put the bosses in power?". The two reporters say they have "a definite answer to 100%, but if the idea were made: the" number two "of the United Nations, they explain, has always been an American, with the power to block investigations. "In book publishing e-mail that had to remain confidential: they reveal the pressures of" number two "UN in Kosovo to stop the process. " At this time, just the Kosovo hosts one of the largest American military bases outside the borders. "We do not know what to do in this basis, we can not bring." But one thing is certain: 'It was a deal with the worst part of the Mafia assassins, traffickers of heroin. We put them in power in exchange for something. "
(The book: Joseph Ciulla and Vittorio Romano , " Wolves in the fog - Kosovo : UN hostage to gangs and Use ", JacaBook


Malalai Joya

- Americans need to keep my country in insecurity, in order to have an excuse to remain in Afghanistan to follow up this strategic region, close to Iran, China and countries of 'Central Asia rich in gas and oil, but also to continue to do business with the dirty business of opium. "
Opium, processed into heroin, according to the former lawmaker in Kabul, "are huge profits to both the Afghan government to U.S. forces who carry the drug away from 'Afghanistan with military flights that take off from air bases in Bagram and Kandahar' . The last attack in the Helmand, which would have caused many more civilian casualties than those declared, would be yet another confirmation of this: "The aim was to strike the Taliban, who have had ample time to escape, but simply regain control of the main area of opium production around the country "


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