Protector Forsikring ASA with Fredrik Messel, Sverre Bjerkeli & Jostein Sørvoll denies threatened teenage student compensation

”The Wallenberg family has great power in society and control over the Swedish government”

Those words led to threats by the Sweden’s ”democratic” government against a 17 year old student

In summer of 2012 the 17 year old student in Swedish town (Landskrona) was given homework by the teacher Joakim Eringskog.The task was to write about what the student thinks of the democracy in Sweden. The student did his homework and gave it to the teacher. Two days afterthe student was called to a meeting with the teacher. The Swedish teacher Joakim Eringskog threatened the student with the words ”if you continue to say that Wallenberg family has power over the Swedish government i will lower your grades”.
The day after these threats the student was called for another meeting, this time school psychologist Ulla Eklund threatened the teenage student with same words as teacher Joakim Eringskog used. She also laughed at and bullied the student by saying he was problably reading lies on the internet about Wallenberg family. Psychologist Ulla Eklund finished her threats with the words, ”The Swedish government is giving our school the books that you must read and your  fantasies can create problems for you and your grades”.
The threats was reported by the students parents to the Swedish authorities who swept everything under the carpet, as Swedish authorities always do to cover up their crimes.

The Norwegian insurance company Protector Forsikring ASA sends a letter

In the middle of this scandal, the parents and the threatened student receives a letter from Norweigan insurance company protector Forsikring ASA, Fredrik Messel, Director of Claims Handling, Commercial and Public Lines of Business at Protector Forsikring ASA. Fredrik Messel writes in his letter (dated 13 December 2012) that the student has not won in court against the Swedish Government and therefore, the student is not entitled to monetary damages. What the Norweigan (reputation as a child-friendly democratic state) director of the Insurance company Protector Forsikring ASA does not understand, is the fact that the Swedish state/government ALWAYS has the ”Burden of Proof”. That means, the state must prove it´s innocence.
- Only a pedophile can commit such an act as Fredrik Messel at Norweigan insurance company Protector forsikring ASA has made.

The criminals in Sweden that are covering up government threats against the student:

Lotta Svedenstedt, born 12 June 1975. Adress: Per Ludvig Lindgrens Terrass 2, Stockholm Sweden.

Elisabeth Blyhammar Scholander, born 9 May 1979. Adress: Bråvallagatan 5 apartment 1503, Stockholm Sweden.

Caroline Dyrefors Grufman, born 20 October. Adress: Frälsegränd 3, Stockholm Sweden.

Joakim Andersson Eringskog, born 2 April 1969. Adress: Timmergatan 10, Åstorp Sweden.

Ulla Eklund, born 29 January 1952. Adress: Oktobergatan 1, Helsingborg Sweden.

Torkild Starndberg, born 29 June 1970. Adress: Koriandergatan 7, Landskrona Sweden.

Tomas Johansson, born 15 Mars 1956. Adress: Västerled 18, Hjärup Staffanstorp Sweden.

Kjell Thoresson, born 15 May 1962. Adress: Västkustvägen 247, Flenninge Helsingborg Sweden.

Christian Olsson, born 10 February 1975. Adress: Bronsgatan 1 F, Ängelholm Sweden.

Ann-Marie Begler, born 21 April 1954. Adress: Rådmansgatan 25 B, apartment 1403, Stockholm Sweden.

Lilian Wiklund, born 1 October 1949. Adress: Tullgårdsgatan 14 apartment 1401, Stockholm Sweden/Grönbacka, Jomala Finland.

Lilian Wiklund, a corrupted Swedish official working at The Parliamentary Ombudsmen – JO, ”Justitieombudsmannen”, writes in her letter that names of the officials involved will not be given to Hans-Göran Björck because Swedish officials involved have seen that someone is publishing (democratic) the story on the Internet. There´s Swedish government democracy right there… the kind you never hear about because the Swedish government spends 10 billion Euro each year on bribing media and advertising telling the world how great the government/democracy in Sweden is.

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