Judge Eva Fernqvist (CEPEJ) – Prosecutor Birgitta Fernqvist – Swedish Corrupted Police/Judges/Prosecutors – Murder – Illegal Weapon Sales by the Police

Swedish police selling illega arms to gangs – Prosecutor Birgitta Fernqvist (mother of Eva Fernqvist member of the CEPEJ bureau) investigated the scandal

Eva Fernqvists mother Bridget Fernqvist worked as a prosecutor in Gothenburg. Prosecutor Bridget Fernqvist received in 2003 a report from a civilian on corruption in the police and the prosecutor’s office in Växjö. Prosecutor Birgitta Fernqvist took police Christer Jerlebo to Växjö to interrogate the accused prosecutor Christer Johansson and his police colleagues Bengt Adolfsson and Hans Emanuelsson.
During the hearing, it became clear to prosecutor Fernqvist that prosecutor Johansson in Växjo committed very serious crimes to silence arms sales that was done by the Swedish police to gang members in Hells Angels, Bandidos, the OG-gang and many more.
The the mediocre investigation made by prosecutor Birgitta Fernqvist was shut down by prosecutors Nils Rekke and Chatarina Bergqvist Levin in 2004.
Girlfriend of gun runner reported to police in 2001

A witness had reported that her boyfriend (Germund Klasson) sold weapons to the police via cronies. Sweden’s former justice minister Thomas Bodström got this information. Bodström immediately sent orders to prosecutor Johansson in Växjo to do everything he can to silence the scandal. The police and prosecutors in Vaxjo falsified interrogations, told criminal weapons dealer Sven-Erik Ahlberg what to say and what  not to say in court. Many of the Swedish corrupted judges,  Jan-Åke Jakobsson (Växjö court), Tomas Stahre and Gunilla Polland (Jönköping court) allowed themselves to be controlled by crminal justice minister and criminal prosecutor Johansson.
The truth about Sweden’s biggest arms tangle in which Swedish police is involved in has still not come out.

- How come?

It´s very easy for the Swedish government to silence a scandal. In 1965 the Swedish government began to pay out 500 million Swedish kronor annually to media. The best way to control the media and the police is by bribing them. In Sweden, the highest police chiefs has higher salaries than the Prime Minister of Sweden. Everyone who works at the Swedish judicial system will help the government to stop scandals and to silence the government’s crimes against the people.
So far 44 killed with guns that Swedish police sold to gangs – Three of these are police officers killed on duty

More then 1500 guns was sold to gangs with help from the Swedish police. In februari of 2004 a criminal was cought with narcotics and illegal weapons. the criminal Max Åström told the investigators that the narcotics and weapons was given to him by police officer Olle Liljegren from Stockholm. It was clear that this case was connected to the case in Växjö.
It got so hot at the Swedish Ministry of Justice so the Government of Sweden together with police the police decided to send assassin Kjell Stigsson Bornerheim (former police officer/UN soldier) to murder me that´s writing this. The assassin was found shot dead in the stairwell in his home in Stockholm on 19 October 2005.

The assassin



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