Legal human trafficking in Sweden

den 3 februari 2014 kl. 17:47
Legal human trafficking in Sweden, Sweden goes against Europe and human rights by taking the children of a Dutch family strictly based on gossip and lies of racist villagers. they earn up to 1200 euro´s per child per day over the back of innocent children.

Nancy Schouten (
Feb 2 , 2014       

Munkfors Sweden July 12, 2013, while we are on vacation the social services storm our house followed by a group of eight policemen. Privacy does not seem to exist when the whole house is thoroughly searched without a search warrant or any grounds and we are treated like criminals. Poems of my 19 year old daughter who works as a writer are confiscated, her closets are searched and a sex toy is found in a draw which they respond very rude and abnormal on as if we are in the Middle Ages.

It is said that the house is not equipped with electricity, water and toilet facilities which however is based on gossip and lies of racist villagers. The witch hunt on our family was apparently started by the neighbors Varmlandstrafik company ( a company that arranges bus services for the town ) who have been interested in buying our villa. When this failed and a conflict arose between my husband and an employee about our parking lot. The bomb burst at Varmlandstrafik and they made a plan for our summer vacation to proceed very differently. Although we were able to show everything and we could proof that they were wrong,the file remained unchanged. The social workers take our children and calm us down with the thought that this will be solved after the weekend and that we would get them back.

My four minor children ages 7,10,13 and 16 are taken and for my 19 year old adult daughter the social workers make a very different plan. She gets suddenly accused of prostitution and that too without any evidence . My children are forcibly taken to the hospital where they have to undergo medical tests. My two youngest children are then taken to a foster home, my two older children to an orphanage and my adult daughter to a closed institution .

Even the Swedish media only publishes the story of the social services and keeps our words unpublished. Television media who were first interested and even interviewed us on location called off at the last minute that the item about the truth could not broadcast since according to the head of direction of TV4 it could put Sweden in a bad spot but what does get placed in the newspaper are unconfirmed accusations like that we are supposedly wanted by Interpol and the children have had no form of education. This all was of course bizarre, false and not true Of course. We never had a problem with any authorities and the kids were always provided with education.

What was said to be just one single weekend lasts almost 3 months and the only contact we have with our children is by phone. We have no right to visit and can not see our children.

Karlstad, Sweden September 30, 2013, the first trial almost three months later progressing disastrous the social worker´s attitude remains extremely unprofessional towards us but also to our children. The fact in this case stays that there was no proof of the charges and that we could refute and prove everything was a lie and that their opinion was based on town gossip and smelled a lot like racism.

Karlstad Sweden October 11, 2013 , the decision of the judge . Surprised everyone he releases my oldest daughter, and my 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter are free to go back home with us and return to the Netherlands . However, my daughter of 7 and son of 10 are required to stay in Sweden.

Goteborg, Sweden 16 January. The appeal takes place at the Supreme Court Kammarrätten in Goteborg . Only me who drove no less than 1,600 kilometers drive is actually on time. The lawyers and social workers are two hours late so the time of the lawsuit got shorter word. Again outrageous accusations without any proof are being spoken of and I barely get a chance to defend myself.

Goteborg Sweden January 31, 2014 . The higher court decides and the statement is that my two children will stay in Sweden for a further period of six months without any visitation rights or the ability to see my kids. Nothing changes everything stays the same.

There are a few conclusions to this case, it makes no sense, it is purely a witch hunt for a Dutch family , the cries of racism and prejudice show us what kind of country Sweden is. They also do something that is forbidden by Europe and the Swedish court is violating the European laws against Article 6 of the Human Rights and many other laws seem to have no meaning in Sweden.

This case should never have taken place, since we are no Swedish citizens and we were never registered in Sweden. We were just tourists from Holland who had a vacation house there but we guess that there are more things that never see the light of day in Sweden. I hope our story opens the eyes of every one about the corrupt practices in Sweden and that they will be taken under the microscope. The organization "defense for children" stands fully behind us, and they find this thing so absurd that media attention is certainly needed. Our children need to go back to their own country and family so they can continue with their lives and our endless grief finally stops.

Links of Swedish newspapers also guilty of defamation in this way of gossip journalism .



Thank you very much for your kind email, we do everything we can as a family to get this story out in the open. We already contacted Ruby and hope she will reply very soon. Our situation has been going on already for 7 months now and while we are from Holland living in Belgium and were only on vacation in Sweden we still don´t have our 2 smallest children back they are still suffering and fighting their battle against those manipulative monsters of foster parents who brainwash and poison their thoughts wit the stockholmsyndrom method most foster parents in Sweden use.

My children are not my children any more its like they are empty inside and that reflects through their eyes. We only have the chance to talk to them twice a week on skype and those 20 minutes save them from being totally brainwashed but I wonder for how long they can keep up resisting against the foster parents.

I hope there is a way in which you can help, at least by making this story public with as much media attention that is possible.

Best regards
Nancy Schouten


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